Downtown Branch is Now Open with Mas Y Menos Coffee Shop! November 1st
我们很高兴地宣布,我们在市中心的分店现已开业,并与Mas y Menos咖啡店建立了合作关系. We invite you to enjoy a premium beverage while opening accounts, applying for loans, and conveniently conducting financial transactions via eTTA(ATM) Machines. 
New and Improved Digital Services: September 27th

我们很高兴地宣布推出新的网上银行和手机银行系统! Please visit our Digital Services 页面获取有关升级的详细信息,以及在进行转换时需要知道的重要事项. 

Branch Notice Update: July 27th 1:08 PM
At evolve FCU, 会员和员工的健康和安全始终是我们决策的重中之重. Due to an increase in COVID cases in El Paso as well as the Delta variant, 我们将继续通过我们的Drive-Up地址处理出纳员的交易. 我们的大堂将继续开放,只供埃塔机器使用,我们的市区分行将继续关闭. 董事会和管理层将继续监测当地COVID - 19疫情,并根据需要作出调整. 如有任何疑问,请致电915与我们的yzc569亚洲城手机版支持中心联系.593.5866.
2021 Virtual Annual Meeting
For the 2nd year in a row, 联邦信贷联盟将举办其年度会议,以确保我们继续
keep the health and safety of our members and staff our top priority. The meeting will be held via Webex on April 14th at 1 PM MST.

On April 14th, 会员将能够登录到网上银行以便检索会议信息,包括链接和拨号入会
numbers. 会员还可以下载PDF格式的会议议程和财务报告. 一旦我们得到更多的信息,我们就会通知会员们如何参加会议. We look forward to connecting with you soon.
Meet Our 2021 Board Nominees
Dr. Ginger Raya
Dr. Ginger Raya is Director of Physician Services at HCA, where she specializes in ambulatory operations, acquisition and employment of healthcare provider's and practices. 她是医疗保健管理的教师和课程开发人员超过11年. 她拥有德克萨斯大学埃尔帕索分校的组织沟通学士学位和公共管理硕士学位. 她持有Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center的医疗管理硕士学位, School of Health Professionals. 她持有Argosy University的组织领导教育学博士学位. Her dissertation title was, “情商在降低拉丁裔风险行为中的作用."
 她通过竞争被选中,是德州领导力学院(2015级)的毕业生,是全国公认的, preeminent women's education organization through Leadership Women, Inc. She was selected to participate in 2021 Cohort of Leadership America. 她被选为the American College of Healthcare Executives的当地董事会成员,此前曾担任KCOS-TV的董事会副主席, El Paso's PBS.

Dr. Angelica Martinez
Dr. Angelica Martinez is a lifelong resident of El Paso. She attended Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, 她在德克萨斯州获得了领导力研究的博士学位,并在韦伯斯特大学获得了工商管理硕士学位. 她有在高等院校工作的丰富经验.
她是德克萨斯大学埃尔帕索分校住宿和支持yzc569亚洲城手机版中心(CASS)的主任. 2019年8月,她回到了她职业生涯早期工作的UTEP. CASS is dedicated to provide students with disabilities, 住宿和支持yzc569亚洲城手机版,以帮助他们追求他们的学术, 符合1973年《yzc569亚洲城》第504条的毕业和职业目标, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008.
作为中国社会科学院院长,她致力于为所有学生创造一个包容的环境. 她曾在位于埃尔帕索的德克萨斯理工健康科学中心工作23年,指导和监督临床, financial, and academic endeavors. She worked in a highly regulated industry that required clinical, financial, 和学术政策一起,以满足几个影响德州理工学院的管理机构的认证标准, including SACS, ACGME, Joint Commission and LCME. 她必须确保遵守与她领导的部门相关的所有财务实践相关的所有操作政策和程序,并满足内部指标,以确保她负责的临床yzc569亚洲城手机版线的高效运行.
She is committed to the growth and improvement of our community. 她和她的丈夫约翰以及他们的女儿朱莉娅一直把太阳城称为自己的家. They enjoy traveling, swimming, and are movie buffs.

Linda Gonzalez-Hensgen
Linda Gonzalez-Hensgen retired after a 43-year career in higher education, 在UTEP担任学生经济援助主任,在埃尔帕索社区学院担任经济援助执行主任和学生yzc569亚洲城手机版副主席. 在这两所学校,她都致力于改善我们社区接受高等教育的机会,并在学生入学后改善他们的教育体验. She began the citywide FAFSA night initiative, assisting families apply for financial aid for college.
她是国家和西南学生资助管理协会的董事会成员, Southwest Regional Council for the College Board, and the Department of Education FAFSA Redesign Team. 州政府的参与包括德州学生经济援助管理协会的主席, TGSLC School Advisory Committee, 以及德州高等教育协调委员会财政援助咨询委员会.
她目前担任El Paso家庭yzc569亚洲城手机版公司董事会主席. 获得的奖项包括NASFAA领导奖和TASFAA名人堂奖. Linda is a graduate of UTEP with a BBA in Management. Her husband David is a Police Lieutenant for UTEP. 她的儿子约翰是埃尔帕索社区学院的全日制学生和兼职员工.

Linda Imai-Dixon
Linda Imai-Dixon于2015年加入McKinney Chamber of Commerce,担任财务和行政总监. In her role, Linda oversees a wide range of functions including accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting, procurement, strategic planning, payroll, training, and human resources.
She has more than 38 years of accounting experience that includes profit, non-profit, and governmental entities. 她在凤凰城大学获得商业和会计学士和硕士学位.
She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

eTTA machines inside our branches offer a variety of services including:

  • Cash withdrawals- denominations in $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
  • Cash deposits
  • Auto loan payments
  • Personal loan payments
  • Transfers within evolve accounts
  • Transfers to linked evolve accounts 
  • Check deposits
  • Mortgage loan payments
  • Home Equity loan payments